Write...if you can't write, read...if you can't read...blame something

It’s been a week of lots of reading, lots of ideas but not as much productive writing as I would have liked. I’m trying to be a good parent so I won’t blame the kids even if it was all their fault for taking up my valuable time.

Speaking of the rugrats one of the ideas that seems to be taking up residence in my brain currently is a reworking of my baby diaries project. It should be simple enough – just take the bare bones of what is there and choose all the interesting parts…bring it up to date with the three years that have taken place since the timeframe of the diary and fix all the horrible writing. So write a book from scratch in other words.


Activity Central

It's been a bumper week for writing. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say it's been a bumper week for things I've previously written appearing on web pages.

No sooner did Crouching Feline, Hidden Lobster appear on Shortbread than The Curse appeared. Yes kids, it's time to see if the mute really can whistle...

As if that wasn't enough, the first issue of Traffic is now available for download on iTunes and contains an article all about me written by...um...me. Next stop world domination or something.

In fact...it's been so busy The Afrowelshman decided to come out of hibernation today and see what all the fuss is about.

Hope you find something in there to enjoy - I'm off to do some new stuff.


Three scratches shy of a decade

In the midst of the madness that usually surrounds our normal day it dawned on me that last week marked seven years of living in South Africa. The day passed with barely an itch which suggests that I must be in a fairly good head space right now. Every good point needs a counterpoint however and this was provided in the form of Crouching Feline, Hidden Lobster.


Angry Bird

The sun has been shining in Cape Town for the last few days. This is a good thing and, given the run of four months with above long term average rainfall, a rare sight since the heady days of May.

While I’m busy mentioning good things, another good thing is the fact that a blog post gives no sense of time and does not require me to list everything that happens from one paragraph to the next. If this was a real time account you’d have just had to witness me jousting with the ghost of Elmore Leonard for breaking his first rule of writing – Never open a book with the weather. I managed to fend him off by showing him a selection of my work where he agreed that I had stuck to his overriding principle by not having anything that sounds like writing anywhere in sight.