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Dear lovely people.

This post is directed at the...errrm...legions of followers I've been lucky enough to garner over the years but if anyone else stumbles across it so much the better.

I've taken the executive decision to stop updating this blog and focus on my wordpress site which you can find at www.nikeveleigh.wordpress.com. I'd be extremely grateful that if you still have an interest in, or get some enjoyment from, my writing (present clunky sentence notwithstanding) then you'll scoot along to wordpress via the extremely handy link and start following me there. My arguments to persuade you are:-

1. It's much prettier and I even update it on a fairly regular basis (head argument)

2. I have only three followers so far (heart argument)

3. The capital of Nebraska is Lincoln! (random argument unless you've seen Kentucky Fried Movie)

So come along and tell your friends while you're at it!


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