A New Adventure. Literally.

On Monday a new short story website will be officially opening its doors and unleashing literary fury upon an unsuspecting world (except for those of you who already suspected) leaving only a bloodied trail of dying adverbs in its wake.

The site is called Literally Stories and I'm mentioning it mostly as excuse-fodder to explain my latest leave of absence from all things blog.

But not entirely.

The site has been developed by four qualified individuals (plus everyone's favourite Afrowelshman) as a means of showcasing the best short stories we can find. The five editors (Adam West, Diane Dickson, Hugh Cron, Tobias Haglund and I) all met (albeit virtually) via Shortbread Stories and share an all consuming passion for writing. 

In some ways the site is a selfish venture as it gives us the opportunity to have fun, hone our editing skills and pit our own storytelling against the best the web has to offer. But we also hope it will inspire a few people to pick up a pen and to take a casual reader somewhere different - somewhere darker, funnier, cleverer, nastier...it matters not.

Pop across and take a look, Sign up, Read stories. Make comments. Get involved.

Most importantly...read and enjoy.


  1. It's good news, Nik. Congratulations! :-)

    1. Hey Sam! Great to hear from you - hope to see you on Literally Stories and on Shortbread :)