I was recently asked to contribute a piece for Traffic entitled Garagiste. The idea behind it is to show lots of people who know lots of things about cars (that's not me) that other people who know nothing about cars (that's me) get up to all kinds of cool stuff in their respective garage - homebrewing in my case.

It's always good to have a certain synergy between one's hobbies and I'm starting to find the correct balance. I make beer which is a fine accompaniment to writing. My time spent writing is balanced by going running, and what's better after a run than a beer? (anyone who answered with smoothie or some kind of energy drink is not a real runner)

As usual I got the simple part - write some stuff down and try to be marginally funny. It was left to my partner in beer related caricature (more on that soon) to pull the whole digital magazine together and to my long suffering wife to take hundreds of excellent photos while I arsed about a bit and filled some bottles with beer.

And now...without further ado...other than to mention that this is long overdue given I have managed to upload the sum total of one photo in 150-odd posts in the afrowelshman...here are some excellent pictures from the photoshoot.



  1. This brings back memories, Nik - specific gravities - air locks - yeast - wine fining - getting pissed

    1. That last bit I can relate to...those first things seem a bit technical Adam! I haven't brewed for nearly six months - one needs to get one's arse in gear t'would seem...