I like writing. It's a lot of fun and generally keeps me out of mischief.

I don't like the fact that I don't get to spend more time writing but there are bills to be paid and a young family to entertain and so I spend my days at an office and my early evening dealing with bath, food, story and bed times.

When all that's done...I get to write.

Have a quick look over to your right...that's it...the little red riding hood icon. That's a link to the really rather wonderful Shortbread Stories website and my contributions so far. If you have time to read them please do. If you enjoy them please let me know. And if not...there are literally thousands of excellent stories on the site to entertain you.

Next to this about me page are some pages of things I've written and places I like to browse around when I get the time. There are some links to some of the kind reviews people have afforded my stories. You'll also find a link to a quite grumpy version of me known as the afrowelshman which has been my outlet since 2008. In amongst the rants and too many stories about baby poo there are some funny moments and even a few pieces that have ended up as short stories. Have a dig around, it'll be fun.

Unless you don't like swearing and random acts of moaning.

In between the short stories and the ranting I'm busy writing articles for a couple of upcoming digital magazines (more info and links to follow) and some funnies for a well known Sunday newspaper which should start appearing about November time.

Beyond that who knows - but it'll probably involve writing.