A busy start to 2014

There was a rumour going around last November that life was about to slow down. 2013 was going to ease off under the collective weight of turkey and trimmings and 2014 would be a gently sweeping arc, reaching moderate pace by about March.


The reality has been a little different but I'm filled with optimism for 2014. At least I think it's optimism. It's purple and happy flavoured which doesn't feel like dread.

I've managed to secure a weekly feature spot on Shortbread Stories - The Shortbread Spotlight - which gives members of the site a platform to put forward their favourite stories and then sit back and watch as I mangle the lists into some kind of cohesive whole.

There are a few new stories I've posted to Shortbread which you may enjoy:-

Oats is a spoonful of daily life in our house

Ysbrydnos: Night of Spirits is a picture prompt competition entry (it came runner up) and is basically a family ghost story at bedtime

The Lady In The Bauble is another picture prompt competition entry (it didn't come runner up) and is a quick slice of life piece about a very grumpy bloke at an office Christmas party. Not based on me in any way.

How The Woodstock Dragon Saved Christmas is a children's rhyme that adults seem to have enjoyed also. I'm pretty proud of this one and I'm trying to turn it into an illustrated children's book with the help of Jason Bronkhorst. We are also working on another piece called Henry The Pig which is scheduled for world domination around Christmas 2014.

Oh, and I'm going to write a novel as well. Shouldn't take long.


  1. Just looked up Jason Bronkhurst art work/photography and it's clear why you would want to collaborate with him. The artwork in Firewords (all the artists are credited) compliments the writing in an original, no, make that funky way.The old (classic? Vintage? - never sure which it it) Porsche that features in a number of the pics on JB's site looks like the one the female (hmm nice) detective in Swedish/Danish series The Bridge drives though it could be a Saab but if it is it is pretty cool looking one that wants to be a Porsche - you can tell how much I know about cars. In another dimension I have pre-ordered my signed copy of Henry The Pig on Amazon and in another dimension I have just accepted an offer for it for several million rand - not sure how much that is though!

    1. Yes I can confirm that subject to popular belief and the dark nature of much of his work young Bronkhorst is a thoroughly nice chap. Our wives were best friends at school so we felt the need to bond through the medium of Heineken and the rest was slightly blurred history. If Henry the Pig sees the light of day a signed version shall be yours...and that offer of 2 pounds 63 you dreamed of is undervalued by at least 50p. Oh...and it's good to see my commitment to writing a novel is going so well...ha!

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