Write...if you can't write, read...if you can't read...blame something

It’s been a week of lots of reading, lots of ideas but not as much productive writing as I would have liked. I’m trying to be a good parent so I won’t blame the kids even if it was all their fault for taking up my valuable time.

Speaking of the rugrats one of the ideas that seems to be taking up residence in my brain currently is a reworking of my baby diaries project. It should be simple enough – just take the bare bones of what is there and choose all the interesting parts…bring it up to date with the three years that have taken place since the timeframe of the diary and fix all the horrible writing. So write a book from scratch in other words.

There is something new from me on Shortbread today at least. I decided to write a piece called Hold The Front Page which explores the tense and fragile relationship with confidence and drive you have to maintain in order to even attempt to be a writer. It’s a witty piece (he said hopefully and with the blatant assistance of an adverb) that involves a conversation between me and my writing muse (not to be confused with my imagination). For some reason ‘my writing muse and I’ sounds clunky.

Apart from that this week’s goal is to find a better balance between ideas for stories and the actual writing of them. Wish me luck…

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